Turning 30: Am I too late to Start Investing?

You just got your salary and tempted to buy what’ve been looking at for a while! We all have that kind of wish to fulfil our desires and have a standard of living that allows us to have an enjoyable life. It appeals more to those young people who came fresh out of colleges. But, the moment they came out – they start spending money on unnecessary things that they don’t really need it. It is when living life was more important than thinking or planning of investing for retirement. It is when reality hits them. It is the moment when they find themselves between jobs, family & children, and financial obligations that hold them back from start investing for their dreams and goals. Before they could realize, they enter in their late 20s and realized that if they’d started early, they would’ve made better investment plans for the future.

This is what leads them to the question: Am I too late to start investing?

Well, truth to be told – ABSOLUTELY NO! But, it would be foolish to believe that you’ll have all the time and benefits to invest in the stock market. There is significant importance of investing early in life. When starts early, one can see the magic of compounding works better than investments made in the late 20s. Besides, in starting late, you’ll be very much limited to the investment strategies and will not be able to take full benefits.

With age, the risk-taking capability of a person starts diminishing. So, when one starts earlier, he/she has more options and investment choices to go through however when one starts late, he/she have to be more cautious while moving forward with an investment option to achieve the future financial goals.

But, if one makes up his/her mind, then it is still not late. In fact, it’s never too late to start investing.

Here, we’re going to discuss how one can make up for all the lost time:

How to Reconcile for Start Investing Late in Life?

If you start in your late 20s, it is not too late to start investing but it would take you to take some necessary steps to ensure you achieve the financial goals even after starting late.

The first step is to set your financial goals and investment objectives to ensure that you have the general idea of how much money you will need in a month or year to approach your goals.

Once you figured that out, the next thing to do is to start budgeting. You may hate it since you haven’t done it until now but to see fruition within your investments, you will be required to manage your expenses and savings. As you started late, so you would need to save more money to compensate for lost time. In that path, you may require to cut off your unnecessary expenses.

The next step is to factorize the investment choices and pick with the right one that suits your time horizon, risk appetite, and capital required. You can choose from different asset class like stocks, SIPs, bonds, etc. But, as you are already way behind your goals, so it would be better to pick the investment option that offers high returns in future. In this case, the stocks investments can help in generating the high-returns that would make it possible to build wealth in such a short period of time.

Once you made your investments, it is time to continue holding the investments over time to see your goals fulfilled without any interruption. Be patient with your investments. A well-established investment portfolio can make it possible for you to achieve what you once dreamt in your early 20s.

Hope, this will help you to set up your investment plan even if you haven’t started investing yet. For any queries, do not forget to mention in the comment section below.