Shatter into oil

We all are familiar with the term Cannabis, and find its scope in recreational and medical purposes. Marijuana is the most common name of Cannabis products. Hash oil is an extract of cannabis, and its use is called the burning of dabbing. The harsh oil has a different concentration of cannabis, and according to these concentrations, it has various forms and names.


The turn shatter into vape juice is a high concentration product of hash oil cannabis. It is the most potent type of butane hash oil (BHO). It is hard solid, and glass-like and shatters when it drops on the ground. Hence, the name shatter given to it. It contains about 80% and can go high up to 90% of THC and other cannabinoids while regular weed has cannabidiol (CBD) content of 15-18%. However, different CBD is not present in the shatter.

Cannabis oil

The amount of liquid, heating during the preparation process and agitation define the final shape of the cannabis. The shatter has high oil content added at high temperatures. However, marijuana is also available in the form of oil. There are different types of cannabis oil available, the very famous of which is harsh oil. Other oils are CBD oil, THC oil, CO2 oil, honey oil, vape oil, etc. It is to remember that these are all products of cannabis plants.

CBD and THC are both present in marijuana, and both the products have different actions on the human body. THC has the psychoactive component, while CBD oil doesn’t have it.

Some of the most common ways of getting Cannabis

The popular methods of taking shatters and cannabis oil are dabbing, vape pens, and smoking.

  • Dabbing: Dabbing is the best way of taking marijuana. It delivers the right amount of cannabis into your lungs, which gives a mind-blowing experiment. It is a straightforward and cost-effective method of taking shatters and cannabis oils. Dab connoisseur says that dabbing is favorable at low temperatures, and shatters leave little residue behind.
  • Vape Pens: Vape pens allow direct consumption of cannabis oils and shatter through vaporizer pens. It is the easiest way to take shatters directly into the human body.
  • Smoking: You can puff shatter and hash oil by smoking as well. Usually, a small amount of shatter or hash oil is put into a strip-like dough though “twaxing.” Keep a glass of water while Smoking shatter as it produces intensely hot smoke.

Benefits of using shatter

  • Taking shatters and cannabis oil brings a wholly new experience of marijuana for both medical and recreational users.
  • Oral taking provides fast and efficient relief to patients having severe pain.
  • CBD oil contains traces of CBD and is a food supplement rather than a medical-grade product.

Is shatter safe?

There is a controversy when we talk about dab and dabbing. It’s widespread to use oil for dabbing; however, when we speak about shatter, people do get scared because it is a new experience, doubts are there about their production, potency, and consumption. The experiment of making shatter at home is highly risky. It can severely damage or even death. This was mainly due to the making of shatter involving the BHO, which is toxic and hazardous to utilize in the shatter making process. It is not wise to use shatter in making edibles as it consists of the risk of poisoning.

The high concentration of CBD terpenes for sale in cannabis oil or shatter will easily make you lose control, and you may end up in the toilet.

Always buy them from reputed brands and manufacturers and also take guidance about the consumption of cannabis too. One more thing to remember about shatter; never think of making shatter at home. However much experience you are, don’t ever do it.

Potency: The strength of shatter and hemp oil is more than regular marijuana. They both may be the reason for elevated and unwanted side effects.

Tolerance: They increase the endurance of taking regular marijuana.

Chemical contaminationsIllegal hemp oil and shatter are unfettered and hazardous amounts of butane and other harmful chemicals.

Bottom Line

Shatter and hash oils are high concentration cannabis whose uses are increasing in people.  Don’t take cannabis for others; do it for yourself. Shatters and oil have their pros and cons. However, proper processing and dosage are necessary. Otherwise, they may be harmful to your health.