People are Taking Out Debt for Resilience – Is It a Right Move?

Cosmetic surgeries are on the rise and they have brought a dramatic effect on the society. The number of cosmetic treatments has increased by five times within a decade. The surgeons have performed almost 50,000 cosmetic surgeries and breast augmentation was most common. A sudden surge in the demand of enhancing resilience has made the industry worth around $10 billion.

According to a study by University College London conducted on 204 individuals, out of them 114 were women, discovered some of the most common reasons for undergoing a cosmetic surgery: self-esteem, physical attractiveness, religiosity, life satisfaction and media exposure.

Below is the table that shows two factors: 1) likelihood of having a cosmetic surgery among men and women and 2) benefits of having a cosmetic surgery. The study showed lower variance for the second factor.

Women were more in favour of cosmetic surgery than men, according to the findings. The study also concluded that all of the indicators were responsible for encouraging people to undergo the cosmetic surgery, but media exposure was highly rated.

The influence is so high that people have been relying on the debt without analysing how much it can set them back. Among all treatments, top five surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose job, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck.

Around 9000 women took out loans last year to get a ravishing spark in their appearance that eventually dragged them to a vicious circle of debt. A number of finance companies are exclusively providing loans especially for the surgery. many women have reported that they took out the loan to have a ravishing look, but the other hand it took a toll on their financs, leaving them broke.

Cosmetic surgery advertisements are heaving on the social media platforms in Ireland too, persuading women to undergo the surgery. In fact, surgeons have introduced a new scheme that invites women to pay for the treatment in instalments. Now women can settle the payment over a period of two to three years leading to increased demand of personal loans in Ireland online from reputed direct lenders like Chill Credit Ireland. Such schemes have already attracted barrages of criticism because people with lower income are highly vulnerable to fall into debt.

Being financially ruined is not the only concern; sometimes a rhapsodic look shatters before it crystallises. Cosmetic surgeries are associated with some risks that you must know before taking the plunge.

A bungled surgery

Tampering with your body can create unexpected problems. A liposuction may help you trim down one area, for instance, belly, but after gaining weight, you body fails to distribute fat evenly and as a result your arm, thighs and upper abdomen look bizarre or out of proportion. Similarly, Botox may accentuate your one muscle overpowering the other part of the body. It is important that you evaluate all factors from side effects to your monetary problems before taking an appointment. If the surgery goes awry, it may blow your confidence. Further, the situation may be disastrous if you do not have money to deal with deformity. If you are in the red, you are likely to be denied for a new loan.

Disappointment and obsession

No surgery can beat the creativity of God. You can boost up your resplendence through surgery, but there is always a risk of adverse repercussions. It can also cost you emotionally as well as mentally. You often suffer from stress, insomnia, fatigue, swelling and a slight depression. If you have a nose job or face-lift, you will definitely envisage looking younger and attractive. The immense burden of getting it the right way may leave you unrest. If the procedure does not bring positive outcome, you get extremely disappointed. If it brings great results, your confidence goes up and you start opting for other treatments.

Disapproval from peers

You may have thrilled with result of the surgery, but you are likely to face negative reactions from your peer group. Things go worst when you feel like your decision had been wrong. If you have undergone the surgery just to have an edge at workplace, you will be the subject of gossip among your comrades.

To date, there are more than 10 million cosmetic surgeries performed on women across the globe. A cosmetic surgery more often than not upsets women, but they are still looking forward to going under the knife because of increasing burden to look young and beautiful. More than 85% of people who have cosmetic surgery are women and they have their own reasons for doing so. Some want to appeal men because they still judge them with their outer beauty and some want it because they are judged with their appearance at workplace. Well, now that you know how you are going to benefit from cosmetic surgery. Consult a good surgeon, know all possible side effects and consider your finances before taking the decision.

Description: People are taking out personal loans to have a cosmetic surgery, but not only does it bring dissatisfaction, but also it leaves them strapped. Consider your finances as well before you take any decision.