Learn About Career Development

Career development is the lifelong process of developing one’s career. Career development refers to manage one’s career in an inter-organizational or intra-organizational scenario. It involves learning new skills, progressing to more job responsibilities, making a career change within the same/different organization, starting one’s Venture.

Career development is directly linked objectives decided by an individual. It starts with self-assessment and self-actualization of one’s capabilities and interest. The interest is then matched with the available alternatives. The individual needs to acquire the skills needed for the career path opted by him. Finally, after learning the desired competencies and expertise, one has to perform to achieve the targets and goals set by him/her.

Career development is directly related to an individual’s satisfaction, and growth and hence should be managed by an individual himself not by the employer. Applicants across industries and job types need more than just the standard credentials to get hired and be successful.Career development facilitates individual growth not only at the professional level but also at a personal level. Acquiring New skills like time management, communication management, team management leadership, etc. also help an employee to develop their career.

Significance of Career Development

Every employee in an organization is looking for a career development which shapes their career in the direction. Career path chosen by an employee determines their growth. A career should be planned in such a way that it moves forward. Career development provides the framework with goals, skills, assessment, performance, and awareness which helps an individual to move in the correct direction and achieve their set goals. Careful career planning is always beneficial for individuals to succeed professionally and also to keep their motivation high in the organization.

Strategies for Career Development

The individual’s career development is driven by many factors. Strategies to improve one’s career can be driven either by the individual himself/herself or by the company through organizational development.

 Some of the strategies are as follows:

1. By Employees

Individuals can boost their career. This is achieved through constant evaluation of their competencies using techniques like ongoing professional development.
Continuous efforts can help in the career development for an employee.

2. By Companies

Training and development programs by companies can help employees acquiring new skills. Companies benefit in providing leadership development, management development, etc. This is all done through developmental counseling or employee training sessions. Employee learning, in the long run, helps in career development.