Know Different Types Of Car Insurance Before Buying One For You

Car insurance is a must for every car owner. For apt car insurance for your requirement, you should be aware of various types of car insurance available in your country. Some popular types of Car Insurance Ireland are mentioned below:

Collision Insurance:

This type of insurance gives coverage to the insured vehicle. If the covered vehicle collides with another vehicle, the damages can be claimed for the repair of the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance:

In addition to giving cover for collision with a vehicle, this type of insurance covers the vehicle against damages due to a few extreme weather conditions, accidents with animals, vandalism, etc.

Liability Coverage:

In case of a collision with a car, this type of insurance covers damages for injuries and property of the third party to whom you are legally liable.

Underinsured Motorist Insurance:

For the sake of saving money, a few car owners opt for minimum liability coverage which means in the unfortunate event of collision of a vehicle with them they will not be able to provide sufficient cover. To give yourself sufficient cover against a collision with such motorists, you can buy Underinsured Motorist Insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance:

To protect yourself against uninsured cars or hit and run accidental cases, Uninsured Motorist Insurance is the right solution. It gives you coverage to support you for your financial losses in case accident is met with an uninsured motorist or a motorist who may run after hitting your vehicle and couldn’t be traced.

Medical payments coverage:

Since medical costs are very expensive and it could be heftier after an accident, it is wise to include Medical Payments Coverage in your car insurance Ireland. Whosoever may be at fault, this coverage will be given to support you through your medical expenses.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance:

Car insurance Ireland offers Personal injury protection insurance to cover you from a few medical expenses post an accident in addition to covering your resultant income loss. The percentage of medical expenses and the extent of loss of income covered varies as per various car insurance policies limits.

Gap Insurance:

In case of a total loss of car due to damage in accident or theft, car insurance claim settlement might not be enough to cover the cost of the loan as car values depreciate every year considerably. This gap can be covered by seeking this type of car insurance cover.

Towing and labor Insurance:

Cost when your car gets towed or labor costs during repair of your vehicle are covered under this type of insurance. It is usually included in Comprehensive Car Insurance. You can check it with the help of your insurance buddy.

Rental Reimbursement Insurance:

In cases where your vehicle cannot be driven after accident or breakdown, then you would need financial support for paying off for a rental car. Rental Reimbursement Car Insurance Ireland is perfect for the purpose.

Classic car insurance:

As the name suggests, this type of Car Insurance Ireland facilitates car insurance for vintage cars or classic cars. The collectors of such cars must avail this type of insurance to protect themselves against any mishappening.

Once you know the various types of insurance available, you can opt to include any number of them in your car insurance policy depending on your requirement. The car insurance premium amount will differ with the number and types of inclusions you have made. Your car insurance provider can guide you for the purpose. If you are buying car insurance Ireland, companies like Britton Insurance may be a dependable solution for you. So, whenever you buy your car insurance Ireland, finalize one after careful study of types of insurance. If you want to add on any of the above type of insurance in your existing car insurance, you can possibly do that online itself provided your insurance company allows so for example car insurance companies Ireland like Britton Insurance facilitate you to make changes in your insurance policy online anytime. They also assign dedicated helping a buddy to the customers to resolve all their queries both before and after buying the insurance policy. Furthermore, their support services and claim reimbursement services are commendable.

The insurance terms used in the above article do not claim to be legal, they are used only for reference/informational purpose.

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