How to Write a Compare and Contrast essay

Throughout your career as a student, your professors will provide you different kinds of assignments that will have their own requirements. These different types of assignment writing also include contrast and compare essay which requires students to focus on two ideas which are similar and/or different from each other. Such essays need critical thinking and interesting analysis thus you are required to dig deeper in order to understand concepts and compare them. It can be difficult to critically compare and contrast different concepts thus here we to help you write best compare and contrast essay.

1. Selection of Topic

While choosing a topic for such essays you have to keep in mind to select two subjects which are different yet belong to the same field. For instance, you can select two different historical figures or artists or politician to write an essay on. Here choice must be made after conducting extensive research of topic which can be compared and contrasted.

2. Brainstorm Dissimilarities and Similarities

Once you have selected the topic to write essay on, you must now make two lists. One list includes similarities while the other consists of differences. You can use a Venn diagram and create two overlapping circles for comparing different traits. It provides visual aid and establishes differences and similarities clearly. This step is most important and can be called the most difficult. If you want to avoid all this hassle then take help from best essay writing service
who have trained writers for writing compare and contrast essay.

3. Develop the Main Argument

Just simply listing differences and similarities won’t help in producing the best compare and contrast essay. Take a look on the list you have developed and see what strikes as the most significant idea about the topic. This idea will be your main argument.

4. Decide Structure of Essay

When brainstorming how to write a compare and contrast essay, we recommend structuring the information you have gathered about the topic. This will help in paying attention to all important arguments of the essay. Focus on describing one subject in detail first and then move towards the next subject.

5. Write Outline of Essay

Once you know how you will structure the essay, craft the outline that best fits the structure of the essay. Usually, a compare and contrast essay consists of an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and at the end, conclusions are drawn. Forgiving a balance to the essay you can include writing two paragraphs for each subject.

6. Provide Supporting Evidence

The assertions you are going to include in your essay must be supported with extensive research evidence. Take help from books, research papers, and articles, official statistics, and documents can also provide help in gathering contrasting information. For making your essay more credible use of transitional words that will give an essay a nice flow. You can use words such as similarly, likewise, both, nonetheless, whereas, on the other hand, and other such words.

7. Proofread

If you have completed a well-researched essay but you have not proofread it then there are chances of mistakes which can affect your marks. Thus, before submitting make sure you check punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You can use different programs available for checking grammar. You can also ask a friend to have a read on your essay, so mistakes that you may have missed will also become known. Students, you now know the formula for writing best compare and contrast essay. Trust us when you will write a compare and contrast essay following these steps, your professor will be impressed instantly and he would not resist giving you the best marks for efforts.