7 Types of Insurance You Can Use As a Weapon to Battle in the Corporate World

Opening up or running a business could be one of the riskiest decisions to make. It’s like gambling with your fate in the world of business. However, some still take the risks no matter how many times they faced failures.

If you’re an aspiring business owner or you’re in a search for help right at this moment, don’t leave the page and stay reading. This article shows the different types of insurance that may save you and your business when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the corporate world.


1.     Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is also known as errors and omissions or E&O insurance.It’s a type of insurance that provides protection to you and your company alongside claims about the professional service you provided.

This happens if the service resulted for your client to undergo financial damage because of mistakes on your part (that’s what the “errors” referring to) or might be due to failure to accomplish certain service (that’s the “omissions” referring to).

2.     Vehicle Insurance

Road accidents are always possible especially if a particular vehicle is carried by a careless driver. And that’s how vehicle insurance can help you with that kind of business problem. This type of insurance is also called as car insurance, auto insurance, or motor insurance.

Vehicle insurance provides the following:

  • Protects you financially alongside physical damage or bodily injury that may due to traffic collisions
  • Financial protection against liability that may also arise from incidents in a vehicle
  • It can also offer to extend financial protection against theft of the vehicle, damage to the vehicle sustained from events aside from traffic collisions like keying, weather or natural disasters, and also damaged obtained by colliding with stationary objects.

3.     Property Insurance

This type of insurance may sound like more of for a private property’s protection purposes. But that’s more than just that. Property insurance is a must whether your business is owned or leases.

This insurance serves as a protection to your properties other than your company’s building such as your office equipment, computers, supplies, and inventory. And this protection extends to the possible occurrence of fire, theft, weather, vandalism to your building.

4.     Home-based businesses

A home isn’t only where your heart is, but could also be your business. Most of the business owners or entrepreneurs chose their home to be the first location of their start-up business.

Some may think that their homeowner’s policies or insurance may save them, but that’s a big no.If you’re planning on running your business in your home for the meantime or so, ask your insurer for some advice or for further insurance to cover your property in the incident of a problem.

5.     Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As you open up a business, you shouldn’t only mind about yourself or your company but most importantly your workers or employees. This type of insurance which is called workers’ compensation insurance can help you deal with certain problems concerning your employees’ rights.

This may assist you in providing wage replacement and/or medical benefits to your workforces that may possibly get injured in the time of their work. The inclusions of this insurance will cover medical treatment, disability and/or death benefits. Whether their work is heavy or not, as long as you hire your first employee, this insurance must take place.

6.     Product Liability Insurance

If your business offers a certain or variety of products to the market, you must get this product liability insurance. Whether your business takes every possible measure to make sure its products are safe can be charged with a lawsuit because of the possible damages by one of its products.

So, product liability insurance serves as your defence alongside claims of property damage or personal injury brought by products sold through your business.

7.     Business Interruption Insurance

Such unfortunate disasters are always possible even in the corporate world. And that may result in loss of income due to the interrupted business operations which are possibly hard to take. That’s why it’s also suggested that you go along with business interruption insurance when you build your business.

You can ask your insurer about the said insurance and for possible advice. This may save you some time, money, and emotional damage from a major financial loss. Because not only a right choice of business insurance can save you but also one of these types of insurance shared with you.

Truly, the corporate world will never go easy on you or on anyone. There’s no ordinary or easy day when you sail the boat in the ocean of business, And that’s why it requires you a lot of skills, determination, discipline, and these types of insurance to save you and your business from possible drowning. So, what can you say? Share your thoughts with us because we want to exchange ideas with you.


Kath Ramirez is a reputed writer who once a time dreamed of being a professional travel blogger. She always thinks that writing is the epitome of stress reliever and she does write best when she wants to express her current mood.  She is now a active and devoted writer in Insurance Advisernet, one of the best financial and insurance companies in Australia.